About Allison

Allison English was introduced to yoga and meditation early in life as a refuge from anxiety and a tool for recovery from serious injury. For nearly 20 years she has pursued a teacher's path of study and practice to share the wisdom of these traditions with others. As a certified Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher, Allison is skillful at meeting diverse students where they are and her extensive toolbox enables a personalized experience in every class. Her intense life journey lends her a steady patience to be with her students no matter what arrives for them, and her background studies in science, anthropology and linguistics give her the means to demystify the practices of yoga and meditation. She is an approachable and compassionate teacher who sequences creatively and safely while acknowledging each student's unique needs. Every practice with Allison is full of laughter and joy, coupling deep inquiry with helpful hands-on assists, a love of anatomy and a welcoming community. You can find her teaching at home in Chicago, leading events worldwide, or online in her own studio of digital programming.

Specialized Approach

No two class experiences with Allison are the same! Whether you experience her teaching in a group or private setting, you will receive individual attention and specific help for your personal goals. She approaches class planning with a micro and macro vision for guiding you into the modifications that will be most helpful physically and the intentions that will be most helpful mentally. Allison incorporates supportive hands-on and verbal corrections to strengthen your understanding and ability to feel from the inside out. Her sequencing is soulful and scientific in the way it safely builds layers of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection into one unified practice. Every session with Allison is a tapestry of breath, movement, anatomy, attention, philosophy, humor and heart woven together to reach you – wherever you are now and wherever you want to go with your practice. Expect the unexpected and become an active participant in your own growth through Allison’s guidance and specialized teaching techniques.

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