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Our Vision

Yoga By Allison is guided by founder Allison English’s vision to bring yoga and meditation practices in accessible formats to diverse communities. To this end, she designs classes, workshops and events to help meet individuals where they are – taking into account each student’s strengths, challenges, goals and knowledge base and modifying the practices accordingly. Behind each offering there is a strong intentionality that weaves science, philosophy, mindfulness and spirituality into an inspired practice. The unique experience of each individual student cultivates a vibrant community where everyone is learning to inhabit their whole Being joyfully and from the wisdom of their Spirit.

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Private Sessions

Private Yoga sessions are the ultimate personalization of your practice. Give yourself the gift of expert guidance and individualized attention at the convenience of your schedule.

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Meditation practices are accessible to everyone - even if you think your mind is too busy. Learn how to hone your attention and build responsiveness gradually over time.

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Corporate Classes

Take care of your staff with on-site yoga and meditation courses at your office. Make wellness accessible, ease physical tension in your employees and promote mindfulness.

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Workshops offer you the extended practice time to dive deeply into new topics that interest you about anatomy, body mechanics, philosophy and home practice.

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Featured Retreat

Sustain Your Source

A Hiking and Yoga Retreat in the Highlands of Scotland

Join Allison from July 9-16, 2023 at the otherworldly Alladale Reserve for a weeklong yoga and hiking retreat to help you restore and revive your energy through nature and yoga. With a mission of sustainability and a vision of ecosystem rewilding, Alladale is a peaceful and beautiful corner of the world to retreat to. Nourished by a private chef using foraged and local organic produce from the aquaponic garden and guided by longtime rangers of the land, this experience will leave you renewed. Daily yoga and meditations will help reinforce the effects of the natural environment... and unwind the hill climbing! Immerse yourself in this magical land, your practice and your own energy.

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Connection in the Time of Covid

It’s been 108 days since I last taught a public yoga class. Prior to that day, I was in 5 or 6 different places every day of the week except Friday teaching my heart out. I spent my hours planning connection with other humans and then fulfilling that connection through my teaching career. I love …


Cultivate Courtesy in Yoga

As the New Year ramps up, it is a great time to re-visit the habits you bring to your yoga practice in a group setting. Some of these might also help your home solo practice to thrive. Maybe you are just starting out in yoga, or returning after a break with your mat. Maybe you …


Coming Home

The decade between 2010 and the start of this New Year – 2020 – was quite a ride. A dream job that opened so many doors I was seeking. A terrible chronic pain and illness began. Meaningful connections unfolded. I left a dream job that nearly destroyed me. Called a fraud and hack. Built a …

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