Build Your Practice

Private Classes

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are a lifetime practitioner, feel intimidated by a group class setting or just prefer a home setting for your experience, have a specific pose you want to learn about or want to deepen your practice in general – private sessions are wonderful ways to approach learning yoga. Within a one-on-one or semi-private session there is more time to ask questions and work on your specific goals. Allison crafts every session just for you and what you most want to explore – offering the best modifications for any injuries or conditions you have, teaching you about history or philosophy, and supporting your alignment inquiry with hands-on adjustments. Book a monthly tune-up or treat yourself to a weekly private practice and feel how your internal connections evolve in all new directions. Available remotely online or in-home/in-studio.



Meditation is a broad term that describes the various practices that help you develop clear attention and strong focus. In the short term this clarity helps you respond steadily, feel centered and remain calm even in the face of challenges. In the long term, meditation strengthens the way synapses fire in the brain and helps you feel a wholeness or unity of Being. As a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher with more than 20 years of meditation experience across several lineages, Allison is able to teach many different meditative practices to help you access the benefits of attention and Awareness. She offers private meditation dyads, introduction to meditation courses, workshops and group practice sessions. All states of mind are welcome – meditation meets you where you are. Available online and in-home/in-studio.



The modern-day working environment can be fast paced and stressful. Sitting or standing at a desk, looking at screens and working through tasks can leave both your body and mind wracked. Corporate offerings of yoga and meditation bring the benefits of physical movement, tension relief, mindfulness and overall wellness into the convenient setting of the office. Allison has been teaching yoga and meditation in the corporate environment for 17 years, and has experience reaching different populations of the workforce including the financial sector, non-profits, legal professionals and many others. Her ability to present yoga and meditation in an accessible and engaging fashion helps students of all levels to reap the advantages of regular practice.



Yoga classes these days are tragically getting shorter and shorter! Workshops are longer than a regular class and offer up the perfect opportunity to extend your practice time and welcome a depth of learning about a particular topic. Allison carefully crafts every workshop to specifically address different types of poses, philosophy and history, energetics, anatomy or ways to adapt your practice to address injuries. There is always ample time for questions and accessing your unique needs related to the workshop’s intention. The workshop environment innately fosters curiosity and inquiry into not only the topic at hand but also into your Self. Every workshop builds your internal yoga library and the wisdom of these diverse practices living through you.


Group Classes

Yoga and meditation practices are best consumed regularly. Group classes are a fantastic way to support your practice day-by-day, week-by-week. Allison sequences all of her classes to balance and synergize with one another, so whether you take one class a week or five you will always receive a harmonious integration physically, mentally and emotionally from her sessions. Many students who attend practices each week forge incredible friendships and community amongst their fellow students – sustaining more than their physical flexibility by building vibrant camaraderie with one another and delighting in taking classes together. Experience the benefits of consistently practicing and put your favorite group classes on your weekly calendar. Classes are available both online and in-person for your convenience.