The Roll Model Method®: Rest and Digest Reset


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The end of the year holiday period can be a time filled with joy and excitement, but also with busyness and stress! Come enjoy a workshop style Roll Model Method® practice to help you learn about your parasympathetic nervous system – your rest and digest network – and its relationship to your ability to get quality rest. Allison will guide you through a brief anatomical roadmap of your down-regulation superhighways including the vagus nerve complex and then take you on a myofascial release dive to turn on your off switch. This deeply relaxing roll out of key areas in your body for resting more easily and responding with resiliency in the face of stress will leave you feeling like your whole Being hit the pause button. This workshop will give you a set of tools to take back home with you so that you can continue to rest well and digest whatever the end of year season has in store. **A Yoga Tune Up® Ball Kit is required for this workshop and included in the price of the workshop. If you already have Therapy Balls in a tote, Alpha Balls in a tote, and a Coregeous Ball, you can register for $60 without the ball kit.**

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$95 with Yoga Tune Up® Ball Kit
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