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2018 Workshop Calendar with Allison English

Sacred Space - December 15 - 1-3:30pm - Namaskar Yoga - 3946 N Southport - Chicago, IL

The end of the year can be a stressful and challenging time – there are deadlines to meet, so many parties in so little time, and many times extra family engagements are added to the already busy mix. Sugary foods and extra libations can leave you feeling drained of energy or out of sorts. It is essential in the midst of all of this to carve out some sacred space for yourself. Take time to remember what is sacred about your practice time – especially during this month. This workshop will refresh you with a Restorative Forrest Yoga practice followed by a deep immersion into the meditative path of iRest Yoga Nidra - both set to live healing sounds by the amazing musician and holistic healer Mike McGuigan ( Breathe deeply, release tension from your hips and lower back, neck and shoulders, and recharge your brightness for the season of lights. Finish off with a talking circle where you can choose to share your reflections on the sacredness of the season through your experiences or to sit with the sacredness of silence. Appropriate for all levels and abilities of practitioners.

Price: $35/$40 after Dec 1  Registration: Namaskar


"I would travel to the ends of the earth for Allison; she never ceases to amaze my mind, body and
soul with Forrest yoga. Yoga in Telluride was amazing, not just for the beautiful scenery,
but for the gift that keeps on giving, Allison! Her energy engages you in a way that is
so genuine and keeps you coming back for more. She is able to reach everyone, whether
doing yoga for 2 or 20 years. Nothing worth doing is ever easy and Allison embodies
that saying like no other. Her classes are always challenging but her sequences leave me
feeling like I got exactly what I needed, even though I didn’t know I needed it. Telluride
was no different, in fact it was more! The first session, Intro to Forrest Yoga, was a
heart opening class. Thanks to Allison’s systematic sequencing
and focus on the importance of breath, my body generated enough heat to be able to
experience all her class had to offer. During savasana, I could not stop seeing the color
red. People talk of seeing different colors, an experience I have never had, until this
class in Telluride. The second class, liberating your life force, a hip opening class went
beyond my highest expectations. Thirty minutes into a 90 minute class, I had an out of
body experience. With my eyes closed and while deeply opening my hips, I was able to
experience the most amazing feeling of clarity. I was able to see my little self looking
at my big Self, through a small window. And finally, her third class, transform through
twisting ended the yoga festival with as much enthusiasm as her first class." - Victoria