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Celebrate one of the most important dates of your life by reconnecting with your partner and wedding party through yoga.  Allison designs special sequences for either you and your partner, or you and your wedding party to set the tone for your special day.  Yoga is the perfect way to generate a stable energetic base for your life moving forward together and a great way to re-center and recharge as a couple or a party.  Powerful and soothing at the same time, a yoga practice will get both you and your wedding party ready for the big day.

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"I have been going to Allison's yoga class for about a year now. She was the only instructor who has the ability to make yoga 'make sense' for me. She has a way of getting her students to think spiritually and connect to the practice, but also grounds her classes in humor and real life.

The weekend of my wedding, Allison helped to coordinate a class for all of my 7 bridesmaids. I was so excited to share my love of her class with my friends. Allison worked with me months ahead of time to figure out all the details of the class. We were part of a large group that day, but that did not stop her from paying very close attention to each of my friends and working with us at every level. Even my sister, at 7 months pregnant, was raving about the class and how good it made her feel. Allison's class was the perfect way to kick off all of the festivities the weekend of my wedding. Her instruction that day focused on 'connecting with your spirit' and I kept that feeling close through the roller coaster of emotions that ensued the weekend of my wedding.

Allison is a very special and talented person. And, most importantly, she will make you laugh at least once during every class." --Abby