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 “I had taken yoga classes in both a health club and studio environment for many years before fate brought me to Allison's class. I have never felt a connection to a yoga instructor like I do to Allison. It is obvious she has a love for what she does and a gift of intuitively knowing what her audience requires and imparting her wisdom accordingly.

Each class is a journey with Allison providing many glorious surprises along the way. She gives thought to each and every class as no two are ever the same. I love that she doesn't just do a pose...she explains it in detail, why we are doing it, what are the benefits, what feeling it might evoke in us and why, etc. And her adjustments are the best and most effective I have ever experienced!

No matter what I'm dealing with on a particular day, Allison's class is an oasis for resetting my body, mind and spirit for that day. I refer to her as my muse!”