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Do you ever leave home for business or leisure travel and miss your favorite yoga class? In a new city and don’t know where to take class or can’t fit class into your busy schedule? This is the app for you! Yoga+Travel is the ideal app to take your yoga practice with you on the road. With safe, fun and effective sequenced classes for all levels, you never have to leave home without taking your yoga with you. Short and easy to fit into any day, these sequences are specifically tailored to help you stay relaxed and loose in the areas most affected by travel, and to remain grounded when your schedule is on the go. Now you never have to leave yoga at home! Try the first sequence out for FREE and then proceed with the updated sequences to take your practice new places.


 “Practicing with Allison is a on-going joy - and challenge. Having lived with my yoga affliction for 9 years, I am at risk of getting stale, in a rut, or just plain bored. Never with Allison. Sure she has her 'go-to' poses drawing heavily from the Forrest style, but will always challenge and surprise me with a set poses that take me in new and interesting directions.

Her fundamentals as a teacher are impeccable. She can lead a huge class with a wide range of students' abilities and never miss a beat. She breaks down a pose or series of poses into components with variations for at least 3 levels of ability (or courage).

She has a sharp eye and will offer corrections and adjustments that always make the pose more effective, enabling me, and the other students, to get the maximum benefit. Her vocal skills rank among the absolute best I have ever experienced. This enables me to relax into the flow knowing I will always be able to hear her and that she will guide me through the class.

This is incredibly important and, unfortunately, often lacking. Allison is a professional and passionate teacher, a gold-standard reference for all others.”