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“I tried one of Allison's yoga classes a year ago, and have been hooked ever since. As a very athletic guy (6'3" / 200 lbs) I'm always looking for new challenges to incorporate into my training. What I found with Allison turned into so much more; I have never been so "in tune" with my body. My flexibility, core strength, balance, and ability to focus (breath) have all been taken up a notch.

Allison does a skillful job of tying these elements together with the spirituality that yoga can provide. Her focus on the whole body & connection with spirit is so fundamental to the roots of yoga practice. I've heard it said that yoga without that spiritual connection is just gymnastics - believe me, you can tell the difference once you've done it.

I manage the stresses in my life better now than ever. We are all encouraged to maintain our own practice, there is no competition with others. Allison does such an inspiring job of motivating people to push, and engage themselves in each pose - to really appreciate what it is doing for you.

Her energy is boundless, and quite contagious. It can be one of the hardest work-outs you've ever experienced - if you really want it to. And, it can also been incredibly fun to realize what you can make your body do - like stand on your head, or balance on your arms. It can also provide a powerful "center" for your energy - both physical & spiritual.

We owe Allison a great debt for her commitment to our Sangha. It has become a important part of finding an enlightened path.”

--NEALE ZINGLE: living better, yoga for life.