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Corporate Classes

Corporate Classes

In the high paced environment of today's workplace, tight shoulders, wrist overuse and stress are the norm.  Help your employees to be more productive, healthier and happier individuals by providing them with yoga at work.  The convenience of lunchtime or early after work evening classes on a weekly basis cannot be overestimated.

A consistent yoga practice has been shown to reduce fatigue, decrease stress response in the face of a difficult work task, and reduce stress related illnesses.  It will refocus the mind, sharpen alertness, develop keen concentration skills, and increase overall productivity.  Help your employees and coworkers achieve these results today.

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"Allison is able to make yoga accessible and approachable in a work environment. I came into class with no experience, and have found a new way to approach life, both personally and professionally. Her unique class structure encourages students to grow in both our yoga practice and outside of class. Allison has facilitated an environment where I can clear my mind, which in turn has enabled me to return to work with a new perspective on challenges faced throughout the day." -- Kim