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Posted 01-09-2017

At the beginning of 2016, I felt the need to look and feel dramatically at my life. I was unhappy and confused. I felt "off" nearly everyday. I had nothing specific bothering me: I love my job, my health was good, I was (and am) in a great relationship, I had a huge year of incredible work ahead of me, a roof over my head, food in my belly, a loving family...Why then did I wake up at the beginning of each day in the start of 2016 and just feel blah? I didn't know the answer. My Spirit had gone silent. I knew I had to find out why. I embarked on a year long journey of self-discovery guided by my Shaman, Bridget Boland. This incredible woman helped me pick a focus for every month of 2016. She helped me first to see and then to change a huge backlog of beliefs that were holding me back. Better yet, she gave me the tools to rewrite my life in the most beautiful way. We systematically, week by week, through meditations, journaling exercises, conversations and ceremonies, figured out what was at the root of my Spirit's silence and learned how to bring my voice back. Ironically sending me into periods of deep silence was the only way to help my Spirit speak again. Part of my yearlong 2016 homework from Bridget was to pick 12 individuals in my entire life with whom I'd had "difficult" interactions or relationships and to bring about an end to what corded or connected me to them so that I could move on from their influence on the arc of my path. A big part of the way I cut the cord with each of these individuals was to say the loving-kindness prayer to them every day for at least 15 minutes for a month. These were people who had wronged me, who I had wronged, who I hated, who sucked so much of my energy because I worried about what they thought of me. These were individuals I'd worked with, been abused by, been friends with, managed and been managed by, taught or learned from. It was a diverse and eclectic list from many eras of my life. Each month I moved from one person to the next and did a month of loving-kindness meditation for each one.


Featured Event

The Poetry of PIking - March 11, 2017 - 1-3:30pm - Namaskar Yoga Studio - 3946 N Southport - Chicago, IL

The action of piking into handstand is a complex and challenging one with a distinct poetry of motion as many actions come together into one spectacular transition. Join this workshop to learn how to deconstruct the anatomy of handstand and the process of piking upside down. Learn how to be light from the strength of your core, strong from your shoulder girdle and fluid from the lines of energy that criss-cross your body. Through the safe sequencing principles of Forrest Yoga, you will learn how to float and fly upside down! This workshop is for all levels of practitioners and no matter your inversion practice you will learn the principles necessary to break down the action of piking. Hands on assists will be explored and played with for those who are interested. All levels welcome. $40 / $35 by Feb 25. Learn more and register HERE.