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In Loving Silence
Posted 10-25-2016

I am just returning home from a silent meditation retreat - the third one I have done in a few years. I have been meaning to write about my experiences being silent for two years - but it had been difficult before this last retreat to put into words what really happened to me when I went silent. Here is the beginning of a multi-part blog series I want to share with you about why silence is so powerful...and why I think everyone should go into silence at some point in their life. Two years ago in November of 2014 I went on my first silent meditation retreat - four days with an iRest teacher named Anne Douglas who I didn't know very well. She was leading a weekend retreat from a Friday evening to a Monday midday in Dayton, Ohio. It was close, a cheap flight, I liked her the one time I met her at an iRest Teacher Training and the retreat was part of the requirements for my five year foray into becoming a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher. I signed up figuring four days was an easy start, and committed to silence. Inside I felt really nervous about the whole thing. You see, I'm a talker - a chatter. I come from a long line of mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, cousins, nieces and grandmothers who have the gift for gab. One of my favorite verbs that I learned while studying abroad in Italy is chiacchierare (to chat). The thought of being silent for four days - not even four full days - really sent me into a spin of internal discomfort. And there is one thing I've learned about discomfort over the years: facing it head on has always brought me to amazing places I never knew existed.


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The Wisdom of Winter - December 3, 2016 - 1-3pm - Namaskar Yoga Studio - 3946 N Southport - Chicago, IL

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