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The Path of Passion
Posted 07-16-2016

As part of my birthday celebration, a dear student and friend gifted me a ticket to see the incredible Adele perform at the United Center last Monday. I've lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life, and I love music, but I had never been to the United Center nor had I ever seen a "big" show like this one. I was excited and nervous all at the same time! Walking into that huge space surrounded by so many excited people was overwhelming and beautiful. I love Adele's music and I have all her albums, but I wouldn't say that I am a superfan or anything. I don't know the words to every song. I don't know her whole story. I guess I should say, "I didn't" because now I am a superfan, have been binge listening to her songs all week and have tried to learn more about her. To say I left her concert inspired is a gross understatement - I left her concert moved very deeply into my very core. From the glorious first moment when her voice suddenly said a melodic "Hello" to us as she rose from the floor to the stage to the final lyrics of a third encore and an explosion of confetti spilled out over the crowds, I was struck by her raw passion. This is a woman who not only wrote and performed incredible music, but also relayed to us between songs the humanity of her experience raising her son, losing and finding her creativity again after taking a "break" to be a Mum, and her trials with love over the years. She joked about how she only has two happy songs and the rest were there for us to cry together about. She told us about how she loved our city and what she did while here. She pulled people up from the crowd and sang with them, hugged them and took selfies with them.


Featured Event

The Science and Soul of Sequencing - July 16, 2016 - 2-4pm - Moksha Yoga 700 N Carpenter - Chicago, IL

Are you curious to learn more about what makes a safe, effective and engaging class experience? Do you feel like your current classes or home practice need a sprucing up? Are you finding sequencing a challenge instead of a delight? This workshop is for you! Come explore the fascinating realm of yoga sequencing through the lens of Forrest Yoga. Guardian-in Training, Allison English, will distill her 14 years of teaching experience into this cohesive workshop on how to sequence incredible class experiences from start to finish. Learn the science behind layering poses safely into a complete journey. Add in the soul of internal wisdom you access when using your intuition to make changes in the moment and set dynamic themes. There will be lecture, sequencing exercises, brainstorming sessions, small group work, play time and plenty of Q&A! Suitable for practitioners learning how to sequence a home practice and teachers learning more developed sequencing skills. Cost: $30. Register HERE.