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Silenzio, SHHH!!!
Posted 05-20-2017

In the summer of 2015 I unexpectedly found myself in one of the most magical and spiritual places I have ever visited: Assisi, Italy. I had no preconceived notion that I would feel this way about this place. Eric and I decided to visit this city because we had never been to Umbria and we were hosting a yoga retreat nearby the week before. We try and visit a new part of the country we travel to each year. Recently I was reminded of just how magical this trip was when scanning through the television channels and coming upon a Rick Steves episode all about Assisi. As soon as we arrived in Assisi and checked into our quaint and quiet little apartment, we felt different. Settled. It was a searingly hot summer with temperatures in the high 90s up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit the whole time we were there. There was no air conditioning and absolutely no breeze, just the pink stones covering the winding walkways of this mystical old city and hours of blistering sunlight. We wandered from church to church, each one a dark and cool respite from the heat. Many of the churches did not allow any photography or talking. This too felt soothing to the mental and emotional heat I had to adjust to after coming down off leading an intense retreat experience. Assisi is the city where Saint Francis was born and founded the Franciscan religious order in the early 1200s. This order was (and is) dedicated to helping the poor, to seeing the joyous nature of life on Earth, to social justice and to living simply. All throughout our walks we would see friars, visiting priests and nuns walking amongst the tourists and residents - many of them emanating a kind and peaceful presence of Being. With such a historical significance, Assisi is equal parts Catholic churches and silent monasteries (and tourist shops!). We went in every one to explore this energy we felt all through the town.


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Forrest Yoga Gathering: Self Care Practices - May 25-28, 2017 - Kripalu - Stockbridge, MA

This Memorial Day Weekend Allison will be partnering with Erica Mather, Kelley Rush and Gregory Jamiel to bring a wonderful program of Forrest Yoga and self care practices from the present and past to Kripalu. We can hope you can join us for a weekend of Forrest Yoga practices, ceremony, meditation and Ayurveda that puts your self care at the forefront of your life. Soak up the beautiful natural surroundings of Kripalu's grounds and enjoy delicious meals together as a group. Leave this weekend feeling rested and fed by the presence of community and your practices. All levels welcomed! No Forrest Yoga experience necessary. Tuition: $335 plus the cost of lodging and meals (Many options!!) Learn more and register HERE or if online registration has closed please call 877.741.1286 to register.