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Playing Small
Posted 01-20-2018

At the end of last year I added something to my week that I have been trying to get into for many years: a dance class. Despite years of figure skating competitively (or maybe because of that), I feel like I have a really difficult time expressing myself through movement. I'm shy (even though I am very extroverted). I feel stupid (even though I know myself to be intelligent). Those of you that know me as a yoga teacher might beg to differ about the quality of my movements as you see them in class, but yoga postures like figure skating are carefully calculated in every way. I've studied the alignment and feeling of yoga postures in the same way that I memorized the feeling of triple jumps. Dance is different. Dance for me does not feel calculated even when it is choreographed. Dance feels expressive and more in the moment than anything else I have ever experienced. It has emotion and responsiveness in a way that I do not experience in yoga and that I never experienced in figure skating. About 8 years ago when I knew I wanted to explore a style of movement through dance so different from anything I had ever done, I researched Hip Hip dance classes. In its powerful moves and sharp lines I feel a really distinct beauty. Hip Hop music sounds like poetry to me. This seemed like a type of dance I would enjoy and that would challenge me as something so different from the gracefulness and stationary nature of yoga and figure skating. I found only one class that I could make with my teaching schedule. It was a beginner level and I was so excited to try it. I anticipated that evening class all week!


Featured Event

Feeding Your Inner Fire - February 17 from 2-3:30pm - Yoga Six South Loop - 1136 S Delano Ct Suite E-204 - Chicago, IL

The depths of winter often put a damper on our passion and motivation levels right in the middle of our New Year's dreams. The average resolution lasts only until the second week of February before it falls off! Come and explore how Forrest Yoga can give you the tools to stay steady, fired up and excited all winter long as you plant the seeds of your next evolution. This all levels practice with Allison will use the foundational pillars and unique sequencing aspects of this style of yoga to help you move forwards with who you are becoming this year. Cultivate a responsive and warm heart through enlivening backbends while building a strong core and stable legs to carry you on your new pathways. Leave brighter and inspired - your whole Being a beacon illuminating your way out of the darkness of winter.

Price: $25 or regular membership     Registration: Yoga Six South Loop