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A New Dog in Town
Posted 04-28-2014

I haven't written on my blog in months. I haven't written much in months period. After our beloved dog Rosie left us in December and I wrote about the experience, I felt kind of dead too. I had lost my inspiration. I felt like hibernating. I wanted to climb into a blanket fort on the couch and watch romantic comedies indefinitely. I was not only sad, I was depressed about her loss. It felt like she took a huge part of me with her into the ether. I decided to sink into winter like I never have before. Lots of sitting - little writing, exercising, or exploring. Then a serious health situation with my partner demanded my attention stay relatively home-bound, and I remained internal in many ways over the past few months. Flash forward to March 22 - and suddenly there was a new dog in town. No - really. We got a new dog and his name is Town. And he changed us in ways we would never have anticipated, and revealed to us new parts of ourselves. [caption id="attachment_274" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The giant, snuggly, Town sharing the bed with the kitty. The giant, snuggly, Town sharing the bed with the kitty.[/caption]


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Walking in Beauty at Sukhava Bodhe Festival

Friday August 29, 2014 - Stonehouse Farm - 10am-4pm -$75

Headshot - Allison English - Sukhava BodheJoin Allison for a day long intensive this year at Sukhava Bodhe Yoga and Music Festival. Devote a day to learning about one of the founding principles of Forrest Yoga – how to Walk in Beauty. Walking in Beauty is the practice of aligning with the wisdom of your Spirit and following its guidance on the pathway of your life. It is a way of enhancing the quality of your life, but also considered a sacred responsibility to cultivate a love affair with your Spirit. Take the day to learn the foundations of the practice of Forrest Yoga by exploring the Four Pillars. Then play with tools for meeting the wisdom of your Spirit through yoga and the chants used in this tradition. Ample time will be allowed for questions in a Talking Circle and a break will be scheduled for mealtime. Experience the delight and power that arises through your connection to Spirit through the practices of Forrest Yoga! Register HERE.