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Posted 05-19-2016

We live in a world full of distractions. Texting, social media, new television shows, new movies, the next "big" life drama...the list goes on and on. As a yoga teacher for the past 14 years and a practitioner for the past 18, I have seen the state of the distracted mind get seemingly worse and worse. It was challenging for students to hold their attention through five rounds of pranayama back in 2004, now it is nearly impossible to get my newest students through even three rounds without someone checking their phone (no phones are allowed in class), looking at the clock several times or staring down everyone around them. Just this week several students spent an entire 90 minute class texting, checking their Facebook pages and talking to one another during class - even when asked to refrain from doing these activities. They just couldn't stop themselves from pushing the button on their phone and seeing who had texted them even though their phones were off. And this morning's commute was snarled by a four car fender bender that happened because two of the drivers were texting and on the internet while driving in traffic. In some ways these situations bring up in me the thought that it is not entirely their fault - our culture and society have created a world of distractions and encouraged us to use them! This state of being in the modern world has taught me to be more patient with my students as they learn how to re-train their attention to be present with one thing at a time. I continuously focus my classes on guiding students into the present moment through feeling the movement of their breath and the sensations in their body. But it has also left me curious about the nature of distractions and how we can work to improve our attention.


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The Science and Soul of Sequencing - July 16, 2016 - 2-4pm - Moksha Yoga 700 N Carpenter - Chicago, IL

Are you curious to learn more about what makes a safe, effective and engaging class experience? Do you feel like your current classes or home practice need a sprucing up? Are you finding sequencing a challenge instead of a delight? This workshop is for you! Come explore the fascinating realm of yoga sequencing through the lens of Forrest Yoga. Guardian-in Training, Allison English, will distill her 14 years of teaching experience into this cohesive workshop on how to sequence incredible class experiences from start to finish. Learn the science behind layering poses safely into a complete journey. Add in the soul of internal wisdom you access when using your intuition to make changes in the moment and set dynamic themes. There will be lecture, sequencing exercises, brainstorming sessions, small group work, play time and plenty of Q&A! Suitable for practitioners learning how to sequence a home practice and teachers learning more developed sequencing skills. Cost: $30. Register HERE.