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Getting Lost to Be Found
Posted 09-27-2016

Earlier this summer I took some vacation with my partner, Eric, after a yoga retreat in Portugal. I had just finished teaching a wonderful week at an eco-property in the southern Algarve region, and now we were headed north to the capital city of Lisbon on the train. The end of a yoga retreat is always a bit hectic: everyone leaving at different times, transportation to coordinate, teary goodbyes after a week of bonding together, hurried packing because we stayed up too late the night before. You get the idea! I ate early in the morning to make sure I got some food before teaching and getting everyone off in their respective taxis. Then it was a rush to return my rental car and get to the train station and on board to Lisbon. There was no gluten free food anywhere near the train station for lunch so I ate a snack bar thinking about how great dinner would be in Lisbon once we arrived. By the time we got to Lisbon I had not eaten a meal in nearly 12 hours. We arrived in the middle of a teacher's strike and our host could not get to us to let us into our apartment. Streets were closed and crowds of people were everywhere. We were stuck in a hot square with all our luggage for a couple hours more. I know this to be the adventure side of travel - the unpredictability and the experience of being in a foreign country. I love those aspects of travel, but at this point my blood sugar was high-jacking my sense of reason. All the tables at all the restaurants in the square were taken, so we couldn't even sit down and have a bite. We were both ravenous by the time we finally got into the apartment. I had another small snack, but I was past snacking at this point. I was turning beyond hangry! We picked a recommended restaurant nearby us from the guide book and set out to get some dinner. A patron saint festival was going on in the area of the city we were staying - the Alfama district - and everywhere these huge sardine grills were spilling out into the streets. The smell of the smoke and the sounds of a language I didn't understand would normally intrigue me - but in my fatigued and hungry state, I just felt overwhelmed and as if I might faint. Everyone - I mean EVERYONE - was out and about eating, drinking and making merry. Add in a high profile football game on televisions all over and you had a recipe for overstimulation. We walked, and walked, and walked...and walked some more - searching endlessly for this restaurant.


Featured Event

Flash into Fall - October 22, 2016 - 1-3pm - Namaskar Yoga Studio - 3946 N Southport - Chicago, IL

Take time to work within your practice to connect to the energies of brightness and warmth at this transitional time of Fall moving into Winter. The brilliant colors of the fall season come in like a flash of light before the longer, darker days of winter take over. This workshop will teach you the many variations of the Forrest Yoga pose called Flash. Come explore how to use this pose to develop shoulder strength and stability, deep rivers of warm energy coursing in the body, and a connection to your own inner brilliance to lead you on the path towards winter. Expect pranayama exercises, integrated core work, therapeutic shoulder exercises, fun sequencing, inversions, arm balances, laughter and sweat. Appropriate for all levels of students. Learn more and register HERE.