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Grounded and Growing
Posted 03-22-2018

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and the official start of this new season...I don't think Chicago got the memo :) There is a still a blustery, coldness to the air here today, and a huge winter snowstorm on the East Coast. We all know the wild oscillations in the weather are probable in the upcoming weeks of this new season. We can also feel the changing light levels: the sun rises earlier and sets later giving an expanding quality to each day. The first green things are just starting to show themselves out of the brittle soil even with the cold temperatures. These are precisely the qualities that are so prevalent in Spring: a mutability of temperatures, a broadening growth of all things and a sort of beautiful chaos as nature remembers how to move again after the Winter - clumsy and slow at first, but then gathering steam. It is essential because of these qualities that we turn to our grounding practices and feel the ways we are growing in new directions too so as not to get swept up in the chaos or lost in the fast expansion of energy in the environment. My yoga practice come springtime takes on a whole new energy. I find myself lingering in long standing sequences, opening my hips and exploring balance poses. I am drawn to deep almost vigorous breathing exercises that help me remember my own expansion into this new season. My quiet, restful stretches of long, bundled up winter savasana give way to a certain eagerness to spread out at the end of my practice. I awaken at the end of my savasana these days completely splayed out with arms and legs wide as if to say with my whole body, "I'm ready to move and grow again!"


Featured Event

Space In: Awareness in Action - May 26 - 1-3:30pm - Namaskar Yoga - Chicago, IL

All current evidence points to the quandary that our focus is being challenged by our devices, by our social media habits and by the general fast pace of life. It can be easy to meet the overwhelm of daily experience by spacing out and to think that is the only way of coping. Your yoga practice, however, can be a practice where you "Space In" and develop your strong, centered ability to focus and pay attention in a feeling way - relieving the anxiety and the pull of modern living. This workshop will fuse a full length Forrest Yoga practice with a delightful iRest Yoga Nidra meditation to help you re-develop your skillful awareness. Come immerse yourself in the feelings of your practice, explore breathing techniques to develop your concentration, delve into your steadiness with standing balance postures and relax into a deep dive of welcoming all that is a part of you rather than spacing out from it. This practice is appropriate for all levels of practitioners and pregnant students are welcome to attend.

Price: $40/$35 by May 12   Registration: Namaskar