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4 Tools of Meditation for Daily Life
Posted 01-11-2018

I have passed through many different types of meditation styles over my 20+ years as a meditation practitioner. From simple breath meditation to mantra based lineages like Transcendental Meditation and a Vedic Lineage to Zen Buddhism and so many others. They all had one thing in common for me: not a single one stuck with me no matter how hard I tried. Breath meditation was useful to help with my anxiety but I never kept up with it and it just seemed to put a lid on the simmering pot of my emotions. Transcendental Meditation made me feel like something was missing about me that I needed to reclaim in order to meditate well. My Zen Buddhist teacher used to prod us with a long wooden pole if we didn't sit up board straight which always felt strange. Why couldn't I be physically comfortable and meditating? There was something useful and interesting about each of these many methodologies I passed through - no doubt - but for some reason I just could not connect with them as a regular ongoing practice for very long. Then in 2008-ish when I suffered a pretty massive blow to my head and ensuing brain injury, I was re-introduced to the practice of yoga nidra - a supine form of guided visualization and meditation. I had first learned yoga nidra from a couple of Rod Stryker courses I had taken over the years as a yoga teacher. I had enjoyed them, but like every other meditation style they somehow fell to the wayside as a second thought. I was having difficulty focusing with my head injury and difficulty sitting/standing/moving, so I decided to give the yoga nidra recordings another chance.


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iRest Meditation: Come Home to Your True Nature - January 8, 15, 22 and February 5, 12, 19 from 6:30-7:45pm - Ascend - 409 W Huron 3rd Floor - Chicago, IL

Have you always wanted to start a meditation practice but worried that your thinking mind was too chaotic or your body too fidgety to sit and meditate? Then this course is for you! Come experience a 6 week introductory offering that will teach you the foundational practices of iRest Yoga Nidra. This easily accessible form of meditation done lying down in a supported position is proven to bring you lasting peacefulness and clarity in body, mind and emotional state. It connects you with an inherent freedom of Being and a deep state of relaxation through 10 simple steps. Each week will include a short discussion on a particular element of this practice and a guided meditation session. There will be ample time for learning, experiencing and then debriefing together as a group. This type of meditation is for anyone and everyone! (All the sessions will be recorded and shared with the group for practice or in case of absence during the course. Ambient noise will be present in the recordings. Special headphones provided by SoundOff will lessen ambient noise during the meditation sessions.)

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